Thursday, 21 June 2012

ANDROID - Layout - Warm Up 1

The first thing that almost every soul who enters the mobile app biz plays with is - The Layout!

The most important challenge is to keep the best quality images at the same time keeping the APK size to the minimum. This is an attempt by Blot Canvas to make the issues faced by us - visible!

We would like to think of this a way to give back to the society - impart knowledge - making a note here that we have no other way to do so (no money Mr. Anderson).

Anyways, so to kick-start this blog, unlike iPhone, the variety of phones on Android platform are exorbitant. Hence, loads of display sizes that one needs to take care of in an application. Android has made it somewhat easy to manage - it has generalised the display sizes and folder-sliced them. So in effect there are 4 broad divisions of sizes that one needs to scale the images to make an application support all display sizes. The sizes are mentioned below -

Small - ldpi - 240x320
Medium - mdpi - 320x480
Large - hdpi - 480x800
Xtra Large - xhdpi - 800x1200

More about these sizes, the related tricks to keep your APK size down etc etc.

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